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We go out of our way to make sure your visit is as pleasant as possible. From the moment you call for an appointment to the completion of your treatment, we do our best to make sure everything is comfortable for you.

It is our goal to provide you with comprehensive dental care, giving special attention to your individual needs. Our staff is comprised of qualified professionals who work together as a team. Dr. Grossman believes in providing first rate dentistry, and first rate service.


Dr Grossman and his family 2011

Dr. Jay Grossman grew up in New York. Since he was a boy, he knew he wanted to be a Doctor. He liked the idea of a job that entailed helping people so intimately. His personal Dentist growing up in NY was a personal friend of the family and Dr. Grossman always had a very positive experience when visiting the Dentist. It was then, at the age of 10 that Dr. Grossman realized that dentistry could offer him everything he wanted in a career.

Upstate New York – in Albany, Dr. Grossman began his triple major in premed, psychology and computer science and looked into some dental schools, with NYU being top on his list. An elderly man gave him a tour of the NYU campus all the while probing him with questions. He must have liked what he had to say because unbeknownst to Dr. Grossman, this elderly man turned out to be the Assistant to the Dean of Admissions. He offered Dr. Grossman early admission and waved his last 2 years of undergrad and was therefore accepted into Dental School at the age of 19.

As the ripe old age of 23 he graduated Dental School and went on to do his residency, also at NYU. During this time he met his wife. They later moved from NY to Santa Monica, where she was from, and he then joined the Navy. The Navy had afforded him a plethora of experience and he knew he was ready for private practice. So, after completing a tour or duty as a Lieutenant in the Dental Corp, he opened his practice in Brentwood California, and has been there since 1991.

Now, an expert in cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry, ranging from the prevention and treatment of cavities to the creation of porcelain crowns, Dr. Grossman incorporates the latest dental diagnostic equipment in his practice.  He is committed to combining high technology with a superior level of customer service in his practice, and is especially sensitive of his patients’ needs, including those with dental phobias. One of only a few dentists in town with a dental laser, that can remove a cavity painlessly – without the need for a dental shot, as well as Cerec technology – the one visit all porcelain crown procedure. (http://www.drjaydds.com/procedures.php)

As a dentist active on the national stage, Dr. Grossman maintains three licenses: the Northeast, Nevada, and California.  His professional affiliations include the Peer Review Committee for the American Dental Association in West Los Angeles, the Peer Review committee for Delta Dental, and membership with the American Dental Association, California Dental Association and the Western Los Angeles Dental Society. He also is a foremost dental expert and has been involved in mediating over 300 dental mal practice cases.

Founder and executive director of the non-profit Homeless Not Toothless (www.homelessnottoothless.org), Dr. Grossman has made it possible for thousands of homeless people to receive over $2-million of dental care over the past 20 years.   The United States Navy recognized Dr. Grossman for his philanthropic efforts and he was the subject of national media coverage in magazines including Time, People, and Better Homes & Gardens.  He also received the KNX Citizen of the Week award twice, as well as the American Dental Association’s Community Preventative Dentistry Award for his outreach program. In 2009, the California Dental Association recognized his exemplary volunteer service that increased access to oral health care by awarding him philanthropist of the year.

“I feel incredibly satisfied with my choices,” states Dr. Grossman.  “I am so thankful for all the people who have helped me get to where I am today, so it’s important to me to reciprocate with some sort of kindness and generosity.”

Since 1995, Dr. Grossman has been a member of the attending staff, a lecturer, and a teacher at the UCLA College of Dentistry’s Residency Program.

Currently, Dr. Grossman lives in Malibu with his wife and 3 children.

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